Ai Space Factory Marsha

Video of CALOM workshop at Middlewhich High School

Filmed and edited by  Pete Roch


The Constructing a Life on Mars (CALOM) Challenge will use the scenario of young people planning to travel to and settle on Mars to give them the opportunity to explore careers in the space, engineering, design, technology, and digital construction sector. It will also give them the opportunity to develop and demonstrate the skills and qualities valued in these sectors.


Over the last few months we have had the opportunity to  collaborate remotely with an amazing team to develop an online version of the CALOM programme.


The online CALOM will give us the opportunity to work with a much wider cohort of young people, both across the UK and internationally . The film below is the first of three films we are producing for the online CALOM project                                                                                                               

Directed by Dan Lusby
Produced by Mark Waters
Executive producer Phil Atkinson
3D design and modelling by Jason Podmore 
Motion Graphics Dan Lusby
Sound design by John Eccles
Voiceover Pete Roch
Thank you NASA, ESA, SPACEX, Xavier at HASSELL, David at AI SPACE FACTORY for the inspiration for developing CALOM

 Registered Charity Number 1183382.