4wardfutures -Response to COVID-19

In response to the impacts of COVID-19, 4wardfutures has needed to adapt its models of delivery.  The original focus on authentic interactions with employers, apprentices, university students, that  we see as very important was no loner possible in the foreseeable future.


To address this challenge, 4wardfutures have quickly developed a range of online programmes, keeping that engagement centre stage.


CALOM Online

 In July 2020, 100 learners took part in a pilot online CALOM programme.  All learners that took part were at home and were able to access the programme through mobile phones, tablet computers or laptops.

To ensure there were meaningful interactions with employers, learners took part in 15 interactive webinars with worldwide inspirational professionals from across the space industry. 


Feedback for  CALOM Online


'Just want to say what an amazing 2 weeks this has been...  I can honestly say this is way up there with some of the most memorable teaching experiences in my life! '

Assistant Headteacher


“It’s actually put me on a focus to want to be an Astronaut so I could get in on that experience”


4wardfutures have now developed their own online Moodle based platform called 4FJourneys. Through this platform we re developing a range of online programmes that will keep  engagement with inspirational people from a range of sectors centre stage.

Examples of students' Mars settlements 

calom settlement.png
mars 2.jpg
mars 3.png
drawing mars.png

Heading 2