Team Challenges

A range of sector team challenges have been developed that give people an opportunity to develop their confidence and employability skills as well as gain an understanding of both current and future career opportunities  in different sectors. These include challenges  in:

  • Digital City

  • Cyber Security

Digital City Challenge

The Digital or Smart City is a city connected to the net, equipped with technological platforms for information and communications management that can enable the Internet of Things. These platforms also make it possible to process huge amounts of data and information to offer new services to the inhabitants of urban areas and new functionality for the management of the urban environment.

Digitalisation is a key factor in making cities more sustainable, enabling the development of new forms of urban logistics and mobility, such as electric mobility and car sharing. Digitalisation also encourages the introduction of new safety and renewable source technologies. Enel X

Palo Alto and Barcelona  are two cities that are leading on the digital city  initiative


4wardFutures are working with organisations that are working on the Digital City initiative to plan a series of team based challenges where people can explore how digital technology could be used to  improve their lives and city communities.


The concept of the digital city will be used to bring together a range of sectors such as construction; coding; engineering, energy and cyber security in order to show how there is increasing collaboration between different  sectors as technology and digitalisation play an increasingly important role in peoples' future lives and careers.  

A series or workshops and events will be developed which will give people the chance to explore  both current and future career opportunities that are available through the development of digital cites.   

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