Digital Rail Futures


Our railway carries twice as many passengers as it did just two decades ago but demand is still set to rise dramatically in the years ahead.  Digital Railway is the industry’s plan to tackle the UK’s capacity crunch by accelerating the digital modernisation of the railway: It is the national initiative to bring these benefits to our railway within a generation.    Digital Rail


But as a country, we are facing a challenge in ensuring we have the right skills to deliver infrastructure projects both now and in the future. Currently around a quarter of the UK’s rail engineers are over 55 and are predicted to retire in the next ten years

HS2 Skills, Employment and Education Strategy



4wardFutures is researching the current and future career opportunities that the Digital Rail sector offers and how these may develop over the next five years


A series of workshops and events will be developed which will give people the chance to explore current and future Digital Rail career opportunities.

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