Disrupting Futures 

To address the inequality in our workplaces we need to radically rethink the recruitment process argued Stephano Hatfield  in an article in the Independent. Hatfield argued  that the recruitment industry’s model is broken and that businesses are prone to hiring people who look like them, leading to a shocking lack of diversity. 

Many potential recruits lack the access via personal, educational or work networks to that first foot on the ladder or transformative career move. They did not attend the “right” school or university, lack the polished CV, do not have the option of a parental contact’s internship".

The DisruptingFutures project will aim to  disrupt the future of the broken recruitment model.


A series of workshops and events will give employers wishing to recruit the opportunity to meet a wider range of potential employees than has previously been possible and  people seeking a  change in their career the chance to explore  new opportunities that are becoming available across a range of sectors.

 Registered Charity Number 1183382.