Constructing a Life on Mars (CALOM)

The CALOM project gives young people the opportunity to work individually or as part of a team to plan and design up a settlement on Mars. Through CALOM young people will explore how humans can leave earth and travel to Mars; how they can overcome the challenges they will face both on the journey and when they live on Mars; and how they can construct settlements on a planet that is  millions of miles from earth. 


CALOM will give young people the opportunity to engage and collaborate with professionals from the space industry, staff from Higher Horizons, students, and apprentices to find out the HE progression and career opportunities that are available. Through the support of the 4wardfutures WorkSkills framework, the young people will be able to find out about and have the opportunity to develop the skills and personal qualities that are valued by employers

CALOM will also give the young people the opportunity to find out about the technology that is helping humans overcome the challenges they will face on Mars; technology such as additive manufacturing, virtual and augmented reality, 3D visualisation, robotics and connected smart sensors that is also having a significant impact here on earth and the careers these young people will soon be entering.


 Students showing their Mars Settlement

An AI Space Factory Mars Settlement  

 Registered Charity Number 1183382.