3D Futures

                                              The 3D visualization, 3D scanning and printing, and                                                      Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR & AR) sector are                                                      growing exponentially worldwide with significant                                                          demand for  skilled designers, technologists, analysts                                                  and consultants. Virtual and Augmented reality                                                              applications are being developed across many sectors                                                  including, construction, manufacturing, medicine and                                                    industrial design. 



Universities and colleges have responded to the industry demand for 3D VR/AR workers by designing and launching new creative digital courses.

The challenge is to develop students’ awareness of the career opportunities across 3D Visualisation, VR and AR sector of the sector and how they may progress into these careers through HE programmes or apprenticeships.

4wardFutures have responded to this challenge by designing a programme of activity and workshops for high school and college students that will involve:

  1. 3D scanning, visualisation, printing and Virtual and Augmented Reality workshops

  2. Visit to a University

  3. Encounter with an employer


This programme will aim to:

  • Raise awareness of the potential of the 3D and creative digital sector

  • Demonstrate how existing interests (such as gaming or art) can transform into a skillset for the sector

  • Show the pathways where students can go from their current situation to a career in the sector



AR ar Mcr Museum.jpg

Jason demonstrating demonstrating AR at Manchester Science Museum


Jason demonstrating a 3D scanner he made from an XBox Connect


Student scanning fellow students. They then created 3D models from these scans which were placed in a virtual enviroment


Student exploring the virtual enviroment