The fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. The first three were based, respectively, on mechanization, mass production, and computing/automation; Industry 4.0 is all about the marriage of physical and digital technologies such as cloud computing and platform technologies, big data and analytics, mobile solutions, social and collaborative systems, Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and artificial intelligence (AI)


Just as with the previous revolutions, Industry 4.0 is disrupting and redefining industries. This time, however, the revolution is progressing with unprecedented speed, driven by smart, connected technologies that are developing at an exponential rate. Deloitte


The  Industry4Futures  project will be researching the impact technology such a will have on career opportunities in manufacturing as well across sectors such as:

  • Construction

  • Agriculture

  • Media

  • Life science

Research will also be carried out into current and future careers in sectors that operate across and are having an increasing impact the traditional industrial sectors such as:

  • Space

  • Coding and application development

  • Cyber security

  • Geospatial

  • Engineering

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