Current Good Practice

A key focus of 4wardFutures is to develop collaborative not competitive partnerships with other organisations that are working in the careers education, creative and Science Technology Engineering and Science(STEM) fields. Research into good practice and about the organisations that are currently working in these fields will therefore be a critically important part of planning for our future practice.

Future of Careers and the Workplace


According to research carried out by the World Economic Forum, over a third of the core skill sets in most jobs will be replaced by new ones by 2030 and it has been suggested that people will need to prepare for jobs that don’t yet exist, using technologies that have not yet been invented, and spotting and solving problems that we have yet to define clearly (QAA, 2018).


Research into the impact of technology on future career opportunities for people of all ages will therefore be an important aspect of the work carried out by the 4wardFutres team.  

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