Visualising a Life on Mars (VALOM)


Space has been a source of inspiration and the subject of creative

endeavours throughout the ages. Playwrights, authors, musicians,

photographers, model  makers and painters have all found inspiration

in space and have inspired  others with their works about space. 

Many scientists and engineers were influenced to pursue their 

careers by the creative works of others.  In turn, their work in the

science and engineering fields can inspire future  poets, filmmakers,

and artists.

Life on Mars

There is increasing international interest in colonising Mars. Several

countries, multi-national space and private organisations are planning

to send both satellites, rovers and eventually humans to Mars.

The Visualising a Life on Mars challenge will draw together this

creative heritage and endeavours of people from throughout the

ages with the  recent interest in traveling to and setting up

settlements on Mars.

Young star gazers will be able to choose between two

VALOM missions.

Mission 1 - The first mission will challenge young people to visualise

and share what it would be like to travel to and live on Mars.

This could be shared through a poem, painting, poster, drawing, model,

animation, photomontage, short film, or music.

Mission 2 - The second mission will challenge young people to promote and encourage fellow earthlings to travel to and set up a new life on the planet Mars. This could be done through a poster, drawing, photomontage, short film, or animation.

All entries will work will be exhibited in a virtual online gallery.

VALOM At Ellesmere Port Catholic High School (EPCHS)

After a successful Pilot VALOM project in July at EPCHS, on Friday 25th September we launched a new VALOM project with the whole of the EPCHS new Year 7 intake - 170 students.

Ray Stott from Space Specialist helped launch the project, through a webinar where he talked about  the current plans to explore Mars and the skills and qualities the will be required when recruiting the first  Mars settlers.


Students' work from the VALOM Pilot project in July